The Living Word

Jesus said in John 6:63 (NKJ) “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.”

 It is a fact that those who spend time in meditation of the Word of God and practicing them in their daily activities of their lives, are the ones who really experience that the word of God is alive, real, and “it works.”  When I say “it works” it is because the Word of God is practical and it has profitable results.  It gives solutions to problems, it meets needs, and it answers questions regarding life’s issues.  Yes, it is the answer to life’s mess. 

 For example, here is a practical application of the Word of God (down to earth): If all men and women of the whole wide world are to read, meditate, translate and put into practice the first nine chapters of the Book of Proverbs, then and then, adultery, infidelity, sexual immorality, sexual perversions, divorce, and more divorce, yes more divorce are going to be minimized.

Yes, read these chapters in as many different translations as you can get, and reflect on it, and be honest about your (whatever) weakness in life.        

 If there is a major Godly message that the children of God needs to hear and practice in their daily life, it is the first nine chapters of the book of Proverbs.  It is amazing that there has never been a number one best seller book that talks about divorce and adultery.  It is because all are guilty of it.  Jesus said that if you put your eyes on a woman with lust, you just committed adultery in your heart against her.  That is not a legalistic take on the Word, but it is Jesus’ spin on adultery.

 Sad to say, if there is a great sermon in the pulpit that millions of fire blower preachers’ are cold to “herald” a message, it is a message of divorce and adultery.  Again, sad to say, where are the few and real good men of this generation that has the courage and boldness to say, “I love my wife just like Jesus loves the Church.”      

 You see, this Word of God is life. And it is able to change the attitude of your heart, has the power to change the behavior of your mind, and affect the way you execute your choice in life.  You are going to make a choice based on what is right to do.  Millions and millions read the Bible but there’s no impact in their personal lives. Why? It is because they approach the Scripture as another book lost in billions of books in a library.

 Many thought that the Bible is just another written prose and poetry, a religious historical book, a literary compilation of myths or legends.  Some thought that it is a traditional church or religious advisory book that provides a bunch of suggestions on how to have a godly life.  Others go to the extreme and sincerely believe that it is a holy book, and that no one should mess around with it.

 A person who receives the enlightenment or discovers that the written Word of God is alive and that it gives life to one’s spirit, that person shall never be the same again.  That person has just crossed the bridge of ignorance, and passed through the spiritual darkness and death, and has arrived at the feet of Jesus and ready to receive the unlimited revelation of God’s Word.    

 Sad to say, some men and women of God that supposed to be teachers and preachers of the Word of God, have nothing to say or deliver messages from God.  Yes they can preach alright, but it is a mere dead words coming out from a lifeless spirit.  It has no power in it to give life to a dead spirit, it has no power in it to give healing to a broken heart, and it has no authority in it to heal the sick and those who suffer from diseases.       

 The only way to enjoy and reap the fruits of the life of God is to have a continuous feeding on the living Word.  The living Word is not ink and paper; it is not a mere written word, but the written of God that has the life of God in it.  A person can be able to haul volumes and volumes of religious articles and books and stock them in his memory bank, but they are useless until the Word becomes real and becomes alive in his heart.

 One of the many ways the devil blocks the reality of the word of God from believers is the denominational doctrines, dogmas, and creeds.  Majority of these man-made doctrines are blanket statements not designed to edify the church, but to set up a perimeter to defend what they are supposed to believe with.  It is motivated by ignorance; ignorance because they have limited the God of revelation and the fulfillment of prophetic utterance that is for us today and for the future.

 The Word of God never lies.  Again and again Joshua chapter one and verse eight has proven that it is real and it works.  If you continue to meditate on the laws of God or the ways of God or the word of God; and you purposely continue to declare the Word and confess the Word, and practice the Word, then you will surely become a success and shall live in prosperity.

 The Word of God is alive.  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  That was Jesus the Son of God who became flesh and blood and mingled with us.  You see, the Word is life.  The Word is living and dwelling with us at this very moment.  The Word is in our midst every moment we gather in the Name of Jesus.  The Word is in our hearts and gives life, the very life and nature of God.

 It is no wonder that the Psalmist kept on repeating himself that Word is his delight and he loves them and he meditates on them day and night.  The Word is the life of God.  They are spirit and they are life.  God send His Word and healed His people. 

 There is no other way that a child of God will grow in the faith and in the knowledge of God but through the Word of God.  To grow or mature in Him is to spend time with His Word. A child of God has to separate himself from the world and spend time to meditate on His Word. And not only meditate but to obey the Word. You see, a prophet of God declares that obedience is better than sacrifice.  However, this simple instruction from the lips of a man of God has been challenged by many, and because of disobedience many have suffered and many still suffering because they ignored and disobeyed.

 James said that faith without work is dead.  And he followed this up by saying that we should be doers of the Word of God and not hearers only; because if we are hearers only, then we are deceiving ourselves.  This will answer millions and millions of queries and clears out confusions on why “good” people suffer or “good” Christians are living in hell on earth.

 Jesus said that if we are to abide in Him and abide in His Word, then He will manifest Himself to us.  His manifestation in our lives is sufficient enough to destroy every work of the enemy.  The enemy is the devil, who likes to steal, to kill and to destroy the lives of millions and millions of people along with the lives of professing Christians.  Jesus is not a thief. God is not a killer. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are not the destroyer of the lives of people.

 However, because of ignorance and hardness of heart, many blame God of their sufferings.  Didn’t you know that it is a terrible thing and it is evil to accuse an innocent person?  Jesus came on earth for you, for me, and for the rest of the world, to give life.  That life is a life of abundance.  It is not a life of sufferings. Jesus said that if His Word remains in you, you will bear fruits.  It is the fruits of the very life of God.  The fruit of the life of God is His wonderful awesome creation.  God created the entire creations and every creation was made good, and nothing was made bad.

 Therefore, continue in His Word, so that you shall bear fruits.  It is the fruits that God was well pleased, because He said to His creations, “It is good.”  

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