New Creation Identity in Christ (Sitted With Christ) (Part 4)

“But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespass, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Eph 2:4-6 NKJ).

Many of us believers boldly believe that we are destined for heaven the moment we leave this material world (physical death). As a matter of fact we have a very good foundation of the assurance of our salvation because we have known how to appropriate the grace of God that saved us. However, many of us too have been missing the blessings of what we have in Christ and the blessings of who we are in Christ, because of ignorance and lack of understanding in the finished work of Christ on the cross and the power of His resurrection. Sad to say that there is that superfluous understanding of the total salvation in Christ, and many have failed to grasp the abundance blessings of a child of God in Christ. In Christ, there is that exceeding abundant blessings of the kingdom of God waiting for every believer to receive and to enjoy the rest of his/her life.

The Bible declares that a believer is not only a saved saint, but God has seated him with Christ in the heavenly places. What is meant by that? Physically you only see yourself in a material world presently residing here on earth, but in reality you are sitting together with Christ in the spiritual realm. How could that be? You need to understand that you are a spirit being, you have a soul and you live in a physical body. The moment you were born again (born in the spirit), your spirit have become united with the Spirit of Jesus. The Bible says that you have the Spirit of the Lord. The Spirit of God is now dwelling in your spirit.

You don’t see this reality with your physical senses but it does exist in the spiritual realm, and we believe this truth by faith, and through faith we accept it as clear as a whistle. If the Word of God declares it, then we believe it. So it follows that if the Word says that we are sitting together in the heavenly places with Christ, then so are we. Our mind cannot fathom this truth but our faith can, and faith is able to receive it and therefore enjoy the fullness of the reality of this truth.

Faith is the key for you to enjoy your place in the heavenly places. The Bible says that the “just” shall live by faith. Also, without faith you cannot please God, because whoever comes before God must believe in Him. Faith is taking your place in the Word. You act on the word. You do what the Word of God says. Faith is not experimenting with the Word. It is not trying or attempting to test the Word if the Word works. No, that is not faith. Faith is boldly declaring with our mouth, “Be it unto me according to Your Word.” King David once declared, “I believe, therefore I speak.” Faith is a bold confession of the things God has given to you for free.

Seated with Christ in the heavenly is one of the most blessed and one of the most powerful blessings God has provided to His children. It does not matter if you believe it or doubt it, but it is a fact and it is the reality. It is a seat of power and a seat of authority in the Name of Jesus. You did not place yourself there, but God placed you there because it His will for you to dominate and rule over every work of the devil.

Jesus has delegated to the Church His authority over the works of the enemy, and He expects you to exercise that authority and deploy that power over the enemy so you can be able to make disciples for Jesus and be able to expand the Kingdom of God on earth. In the Old Testament, God had told the Israelites to enter the “Promised Land” and take over it as their possession, but they disobeyed God. They feared the inhabitants of the land. They did not see the power and the authority of God, but instead they listened and believed the lies of the enemy. It is sad to say that the consequence of this rebellion was death. That generation of disobedient and rebellious Israelites did not make it to the land. They all died in the wilderness because of unbelief and disobedience. At this present time, it is the same principle applies to all who are disobedient with unbelieving heart. Didn’t the word of God declare that disobedience is rebellion against God’s Word?

One of the biggest deceptions the devil has dispersed over the church is to fear the devil and to fear the power of darkness. The devil has twisted the word of God, spread fearful messages, and continues to lie that the devil should be feared by all. That is a lie from hell. You need to see in your spiritual eyes that the devil has nothing to do with the Body of Christ. The devil is a defeated foe. The devil has no power, and has no authority against a child of God. Don’t allow the devil to talk you out and submit to unbelief or doubt, and don’t even allow him to feed you with unbelief, condemnation or guilt. Shut the devil up from speaking negative things against you. He is liar and there is not an iota of truth in his mouth. When he speaks, he speaks of himself – a lie.

Here is the truth: the devil is so scared of the written Word of God. Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness, but Jesus shut him up and showed him that Jesus Christ is “The Man-In-Charge.” Jesus quoted the written Word of God three times during this incident, “It is written …” The devil left Jesus like a scared dog, his tail was in his behind. In this very moment, the devil has raised numbers of his agents to spread the same lies and attacking the written word of God. A lie from hell that claims that the Scripture is not the word of God, and that it is incomplete, and that you don’t need it.

The written word of God is for instruction in righteousness, for correction, for reproof that will make you wise for salvation. The word of God is also called the word of faith that the apostles have been preaching even now. In order for the word of God to work in your life, you have to apply faith to God’s word. You have to receive His word by faith. The Bible said that we need to renew our minds according to the word of God so we may be able to enjoy and complete or accomplish the will of God in our life.

One of the many, many good things (the perfect will) of God is to take your place in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus by sitting with Christ with all power and authority. In that place, sickness and diseases do not exist, but only healing and divine health. In that place, poverty and lack do not exist, but only blessings and prosperity. In that place, sin consciousness and guilt do not exist, but only boldness and joy in His presence. In that place, sin and sins do not exists, but only the cleansing blood of Jesus who cleansed our sin and sins forever and ever.

Therefore, it is up to you to make a choice. It is either you live in a victorious Christian life or a miserable Christian life while on earth. You make a choice.

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