Jesus is the Revealed Character of God

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.” Philip said to Him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us.” Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, “Show us the Father’?” (John 14:6-9 NKJ).

“The Son radiates God’s own glory and expresses the very character of God …” (Hebrews 1:3 NLT).

The battle to win lost souls for Christ is too much to bear for those who have stepped up to the plate and heed the call of God to work in His vineyard. That too much to bear is the “sufferings for Christ” just like Jesus had said. But religion has molded the mind of the ignorant and now he believes that sufferings for Christ consist of sin, the effects of sin, poverty, sickness and diseases.

To suffer for Christ is to fight the good fight of faith. Every child of God has the responsibility and obligation to fight for the faith. Believers are called to spread the gospel of Christ to all corners of the world. Believers are the ambassadors for Christ. Believers are soldiers of the kingdom of God. God has given us believers our marching order and that is to subdue the earth for His kingdom. It is the reason for our prayer, “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

Jesus commanded us to pray for the laborers because the harvest is so great. You see, there is no problem with the harvest. The harvest is out there waiting for someone to put the sickle on, and put them for God’s use. The real problem is the lack of laborers. We don’t have much people who are willing to lay a helping hand to expand God’s kingdom on earth. Jesus is admonishing that every believer shall take heed on the call of the Lord of the Harvest.

In reality those who have been in the vineyard of God, who have been working and toiling, they need your help. They need someone to prayer for them. They need someone who will give them even a little time of a break. They need soothing and encouraging words. Let me clarify myself, you don’t need to be a volunteer and join in to a full-time ministry. All you have to do is not to be another burden for the church. Yes, if the Body of Christ can minimize the numbers of the problem child, then it is good thing.

Let’s face the reality, it’s either you are a problem or a solution. To be a solution means you are growing spiritually. Because you have been growing in the faith and in the knowledge of God, then God will use mightily for His plans and purpose in this world. Let this sink in your heart that it is never a burden to serve the living God. It is joy unspeakable and joy in the Holy Ghost when you are in the kingdom of God.

Now if you are a problem, don’t worry about it because we will take care of you. We have all the resources and the power from God to help you out. We have been praying for you night and day.

To suffer means to carry the cross of victory that is in Christ. Christ has conquered sin, the effects of sin, and the devil. We are not to carry sin, the effects of sin and the devil, because Christ has redeemed us from all these works of the enemy.

It always amazes me how people are blinded and misses the reality of the Gospel of Christ. One of the devil’s strategies is to keep the truths of the Gospel of Christ from the hearer is that the devil doesn’t want you to learn the truths of God’s word. One of the many works of the devil is to twist our knowledge and understanding of God.

To become a part of a solution in the Body of Christ, you have to understand who you are in Christ, what you have in Him and know the God you are serving. People become a problem in the church because of ignorance. They have no clue or whatsoever what they received when they accepted Jesus in their hearts. They have a blurry understanding of Christ, and therefore they don’t have the Biblical knowledge of God.

On the above Bible verses, Jesus told his disciples, “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also.” The Book of Hebrews declares that Jesus is the expression of the very character of God.

In order to become a part of the solution in the Body of Christ, you need to understand the character of God. Jesus is the personified character of God. He is the character of God. During Jesus’ earthly ministry, everything he did was nothing but goodness. He is a good God. There was not a single person who asked for his attention that he ignored. If you research the gospel, Jesus is full of compassion and love. Jesus forgives the sins of the people, and he heals them all. Jesus made their lives well and whole.

“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him” (Acts 10:38 NKJ).

You see, Jesus went about doing what is good and healing those who needed healings. Some say that you will never know what the will of God in your life. But the apostle Paul said that we are to know and learn the will of God. Therefore, the will of God can be known. One thing for sure is that God is good. You will notice that during the ministry of Jesus here on earth, he emphasizes the power of faith. He was the best faith teacher ever came out from the kingdom of God.

This is the challenge for every Bible believer in all creation, that there is no impossible to those who believe. No matter how you decipher Jesus’ faith teachings, at the end of the day there is one remaining question that you have to answer, “If you have faith then you will have.”

If you have a critical mind, meaning you think you are smart, then ponder this, “According to your faith, be it unto you.” Jesus repeated this statement many times to those who have received their healings and miracles in life. If healing is not for us today, then, if I apply this principle of faith, “according to my faith, be it unto me,” am I going to receive it or not.

The bottom line is this, which do you believe the word of God or the situations in your life. You should be able to answer this question point blank, “Is God good or not?”

This is where the separation comes between the solution and the problem. Those belong to the solution are those who are fighting the good fight of faith. They know that their God is good. They suffer for Christ. Their suffering is the non-stop resisting of the enemy. They are in the front line of the battle for the kingdom of God. They claim, they profess, taking over every negative situation in life. They forget themselves by praying for the others. They pray for those for care not to pray for themselves. They stand in the gap of the broken walls, praying and interceding for those who are ignorant of God’s goodness.

It’s no wonder Jesus always had to spend all night in prayer and communion with the Father. He finds a place and time to escape, so can be able to face the demands and breakthrough in the spiritual world. He was there fighting and wrestling for the victory, because the next day he faces the needs of the lost. It’s a constant ministry.

The Book of Hebrews declares, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” He never changes. At this very moment, He is in the right hand of the Father in Heaven interceding for us. He is there praying for us that we may receive His goodness, His mercy and grace. Our God is good.

Many have been seeking God, but they are seeking Him in the wrong place. Jesus is the way to the Father. Jesus is the very character of God. You have been seeking and looking for an answer if your situation is according to the will of God. You may ask yourself what might have Jesus would tell you about your situation. He may say, “According to your faith, let it be unto you.”

“Lord, help my unbelief!” was a short prayer uttered by an honest heart that needs the intervention of God in his life.

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