Our Father in Heaven is a Good God

“So don’t worry about these things saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear? These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (Matthew 6:31-33 NLT).

Jesus’ admonishment to all believers regarding God’s provision to His children is one of the most over looked and taken for granted by many Christian believers now a days. When the needs arise and the provisions are not there, they surrender their hope easily. Many have become frustrated; some even lost their faith in the integrity of God’s Word.

The truth is, the devil has been destroying the image of God as a good father by attacking the very head of the families of the earth – the fathers. Even before man becomes a father to his children, the devil has already placed hurdles and temptations, setting him up to be a failure dad. The enemy will destroy his life through hardships, deceit and lust. And when he fails, his family suffers. And that brings up a clear and crisp picture of a failure dad. Consequently, his children’s perception of fatherhood and perception of the Father God becomes affected. It becomes twisted.

It’s a challenge to convince someone that the Father God in heaven is a good God, if that someone’s earthly father is a total mess. It takes the mercy and the grace of God to bring that someone back into the family of the Father God in heaven.

One of the hardest groups of people to win for Christ is the fathers. The devil has placed tremendous resistance to the Word of God in their hearts. At the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry, he picked up twelve men right on the bat to be his disciples. Obviously, Jesus knew something about the nature of men – especially the fathers. He didn’t waste any time and he immediately placed them under his care into a discipleship program.

Therefore, the Body of Christ has a serious obligation to make at this present time. We must spend more time in prayer for men, especially the fathers and bring them back into the family of God. On the other side of the spectrum, our sons who are the future dads must also be raised according to the Word of God. Not according to the world’s standards, but according to the Word’s standard.

For the past decade, high profile men with wife and children, who also call themselves fathers, have been on high profile news because they failed to be a husband and a father. It’s either they cheated on their wife, or they cheated for the money. You see, the devil has been setting us up that it is all right and ok for the men to do such things. Some liberal minds are actually accepting this behavior as a norm because they believe it’s a man’s nature to do such. But they are blind wrong. This is the nature of a sinful man.

What amazes me is that one of them had signed in to some sort of a healing program or clinic in order for him to receive “treatment” for his behavior. You cannot treat man’s sinful nature by going into a healing program that is designed by man. Only the power of God can able to cleanse and rescue you from your sinful nature. And there is no such man made medication to treat the sinful nature.

On the other hand, our Father God is not an absentee father. He is not a dead-beat dad either. He is a good God and a good Father. He knows everything we needed in life. He knows our thoughts. He knows our feelings. He knows our plans and goals in life. One thing He requires from us is to seek Him first, to put Him first in our lives. And the only way to seek Him is through His Word.

The Bible is a living letter from the Father to us. The Father wrote these letters for us. He wants us to understand His thoughts, and learn His ways, and allow us to know His plans for our lives. At first, I had a hard time convincing myself that the Bible has the answer to every difficult situation in my life. As I spend time and more time reading and meditating on the Word of God, I saw the goodness of the Father in His Word. You see, your relationship with the Word of God (the Bible) will reflect your daily Christian walk of life. And people around you will obviously notice it.

You need to convince yourself that the Word of God will always come to pass. No matter what the circumstances or situations maybe, the Word of God will prevail. This is one of the struggles of many believers when faced with difficult situations in life. There is a constant pressure placed by the enemy to doubt the promises of the Word. The enemy will always challenge the integrity of the Word of God. This is where the help of the Holy Spirit comes into the picture. He will comfort you and guide you in the right way – into all truths.

In the Bible, God always tells the individual to fear not and be still and know that He is God. In every intervention of God in our situation, He wants us to stay focus to His Word, to stay focus that He is the God who will fix the problem. As a matter of fact, the moment we turned in our problems to Him, they become His problems. The problems are not ours anymore.

By seeking God first, it means putting God as the center of your life. In every decision you make, your decision must be according to His Word. We make decisions every moment of our time. And there are decisions that will affect the outcome of our life, eeither for the next hour or days or weeks or years. And it is true that when your decision is based on God’s word or God’s principles, the result is God’s blessings, all the time.

Again, seeking Him first means placing your time around God’s program. Someone testified that in his work of employment, the man had many opportunities to work for some overtime during Sundays. The temptations were so great because it pays an awesome chunk of cash for his family’s budget. However, he had chosen to be in God’s service on Sundays to serve Him and the brethren. He testified that God has been faithful to His promises. He never let him down. He has received more blessings than that of the overtime pay has to offer.

Seeking God first also means spending quality time with His Word. It is by meditation and praying of the word that you will receive tremendous revelation from Him. Meditation is not only reflecting and pondering on the word of God, but praying the Word itself. When you pray the Word of God, your prayer will not miss a thing. You will never pray a miss when you pray His Word.

The Book of Psalm is the best way to start. I always encourage people to pray Psalm 119. This is an excellent “prayer-conversation” method with God. Don’t just read it, but pray the verses just like it’s yours, and then God also responds as you go along with the verses of this book.

You see, the Bible is full of God’s prophetic utterance that sits there and have been waiting to be uttered. The prophetic utterance of the Word can only be received (hear) when someone has delivered it. Now, you could be the mouth piece of God by uttering (delivering) His Word to yourself. Speak His prophetic word to yourself and receive it by faith. Learn to prophesy to yourself. It shall come to pass.

Lastly, seeking God first is not a religious exercise, or doing routine activities of a local church or local fellowship. You could be the busiest person in the congregation for doing all the work and be spiritually bankrupt. To seek God first means walking in His presence in every breath of your being. Enoch walked with God and became the first man who experienced the rapture. Walking with God is the awareness that God is in you. The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost is inside of you. You are walking with them and fellowshipping with them.

And when have you seek God and continued seeking God, all things that you need in life shall be added to you.

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