The Goodness of God Leads You to Repentance

“Or do you despise the richest of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?” (Romans 2:4, NKJ).

It really irritates some people when you sound too preachy when you witness for Christ to them. Especially when pulling a “You’re goin’ to hell if …” argument on them. Believers should learn how Jesus witness for the Father during his earthly ministry. The only times Jesus gets too preachy or preaching “hell and fire” was when faced with religious hypocrites. The Gospel show Jesus was compassionate. He was moved always by the spiritual poverty of those people around him.

We must realize that Jesus was in a mission to save and heal the world. He was not here to condemn. He came to love and bring good news to all who believe on him. People around him have noticed a huge difference between him and the religious leaders at that time. Jesus teaches and preaches with authority and with compassion. People around him feel the love of God. Unlike the religious fanatics, who were self-righteous, arrogant and stiff-neck, Jesus cares for the lost soul and heals all who suffer from sickness.

The scripture above declares that the goodness of God will lead us to repentance. You see, true repentance is a result of understanding and experiencing the goodness of God. Many have repented because they experienced or received the goodness of God. A good example is those who have received their healing. In the Gospel, people follow Jesus because they have received something that no man could ever give, and that is the goodness of God. They received forgiveness from their sins without being condemned.

“You have given him his heart’s desire, and have not withheld the request of his lips. For You meet him with the blessings of goodness” (Psalm 21:2-3a, NKJ).

Another example is when people received the answer for their prayers they are drawn into the goodness of God. When God give the desire of your heart, you are drawn into his goodness. You see, no one should have back slide in the faith if they have received and experienced the goodness of God.

Human behavior attests, that no one likes to be scolded, degraded or treated with condescending manner. Especially with the adults who are reasonable and respectable. Sadly, many believers are misrepresenting the goodness of God. No wonder people around them don’t like what they have. They are projecting the image of religious fanatics or the hypocrites.

Jesus is warning us to judge ourselves first before judging others. Some of those who refuse to become believers are offended by the behavior and attitude of believers. They just don’t see the teachings of Christ in their lives. Jesus said that believers are the salt of the earth. Without salt, meat becomes rotten, food becomes tasteless (for some), and etc. Jesus also said that believers are the light of the world. Believers are to give light to people who are in darkness.

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life” (Psalm 23:6a).

To answer a notorious question, “How do you know if someone is saved?” The goodness of God manifests in a person’s life that is saved. A truly repentant believer glows and radiates the goodness of God in his being. He is full of joy unspeakable. He speaks with God’s wisdom and his words are seasoned with salt. You want to be around with a saved person because there is that goodness in him.

“Blessed is the man You choose, and cause to approach You, that he may dwell in Your courts. We shall be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, of Your holy temple” (Psalm 65:4).

Here is the truth. You’ll never comprehend the goodness of God not until God reveals it to you. People get easily confused and totally mixed up when they experience bad things in life. Their perception of God becomes twisted. Some blame or accuse God for all the bad things in life. Even though God has nothing to do with it, except that God wants His goodness to be upon that person’s life. On the other side, some are able to convert bad experience into a learning experience wherein their understanding with God is very positive. And that is because they have learned from the Bible that God is a good God.

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly” (Psalm 84:11).

The psalmist testifies that God will never withhold any good thing from us if we walk according to His ways – to walk uprightly. He gives reward to those who diligently seek Him. As a Father, He gives nothing but the best for His children.

Psalm 31:19 – Oh, how great is Your goodness, which You have laid up for those who fear You. Which You have prepared for those who trust in You in the presence of the sons of men!

Psalm 34:8 – Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trust in Him.

Psalm 52:1 – Why do you boast in evil, O mighty man? The goodness of God endures continually.

Psalm 145:7 – They shall utter the memory of Your great goodness, And shall sing of Your righteousness.”

Psalm 145:9 – The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works.

Psalm 85:12 – “Yes, the Lord will give what is good; and our land will yield its increase.”

Psalm 119:68 – “You are good, and do good; Teach me Your statutes.”

Exodus 34:7 – And the Lord passed before him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth.”

Nahum 1:7 – The Lord is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble; And He knows those who trust in Him.

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