Come Boldly to God

“So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most” (Hebrews 4:16 NLT).

Years back one of our co-workers had asked us to not to call him on his last name especially during off duty. He said it feels awkward and a little bit formal when someone calls him on that way. He felt that there is lack of rapport or connection amongst us when we call him on his last name. He suggested that he was rather be called by his first name. So we gave him a nickname – Bubba. From that day on everybody calls him Bubba and he loved it.

God’s desire is to have fellowship with us and expecting us to come into His presence with boldness in our heart without any sense of rejection or being distant from Him. Just like Bubba, our God enjoys the real attitude of our heart, not formalities or ritualistic ceremonies every time we approach Him in prayer and worship. God wants our company, and in today’s terminology, He wants us to bond with Him – a quality time in His presence.

King David has given us a great example of coming to God with boldness in the heart. Jesus said in Matthew 12:3, “Have you not read what David did when he was hungry, he and those who were with him: how he entered the house of God and ate the showbread which was not lawful for him to eat, nor those who were with him, but only for the priests?

After David and his men had eaten the showbread from the house of God, God did not punish them or killed them on the spot. Rather, Jesus has approved David’s action. David came to God with needs. However, David did not come to His presence begging for bread, or acting like the presence of God is too distant. David boldly entered the house of God and took whatever is available there to meet their needs at the time.

David’s heart is right in the presence of God. David’s bold action is considered to be one of the highest levels of faith in action. David acted that way because he knew the God whom he serves. He had a long history of fellowship with Him since he was just a lad minding his family’s livestock out there in the fields. David’s long hours of meditations in the beauty of God’s creation as he watches the stars, the moon and the heavens at night, reveal the greatness of God. The awesome beauty of sunrise and the calming effect of sunset along the horizon express the marvelous works of His creation. David had written many songs declaring the goodness and graciousness of God, and that His mercies endure forever.

However, in the new covenant, God has given us better things than that of David’s during the Old Testament. In the News Testament the blood of Jesus has cleansed us from sin and the guilt of sin. Therefore, sin consciousness shall never come across in our hearts and in our minds. The word says that there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus and who are called according to His purpose. As a child of God, you have been made righteous in His sight. Not only that our God is a God of love, He is also a just God. The justice of God has made us just in His sight because Jesus was made ransom for us. Jesus paid the penalty of our sin. He took our sins and sickness into His body and healed us from the power of sin and the effects of sin.

Therefore, we should come before God without any sense of guilt because He made us right in His eyes. The devil will accuse you of your past sins and of your old life, but don’t be fooled by his false condemnation and false accusations. God does not remember your sins anymore. He has forever forgiven you without measure.

One of the secrets of faith is the ability to know and to understand that in Christ Jesus we have been justified and made righteous in the eyes of God. Although we hear this truth being preached many times, it is the Holy Spirit who is responsible to illuminate this truth in our hearts. We must allow the Spirit to lead us into His truths. This truth has to sink down in our ears and in our hearts. We have to accept this truth and become a reality in our life. This is who you are now at the present. You have to live your life according to this truth.

When you enter in the presence of God with boldness, you are declaring in the spiritual world that you are a child of God and have the right to the blessings of the kingdom of heaven. We are co-heirs and joint heirs with Jesus. Therefore, when we pray our prayers are not with doubt and unbelief. Instead, we go to the throne room of God to receive and take what belongs to us.

There is a huge difference between asking and taking. People get mad when you take something that belongs to them without first asking their permission. But in God, we take something that belongs to us – the things that God has already given us. All we have to do is boldly take those things that belong to us and enjoy them to the fullest.

One thing lacking for our faith to work is our knowledge of what he have in Christ. If Christians could only know that they were already healed from their sickness and diseases, they will start living healed and stay healthy. They don’t need to step up to be prayed over and over, Sunday service after Sunday service. What they needed to do is to live according to what the word of God has said. And that is what the Book of Hebrews has been declaring, coming into the presence of God with boldness.

Coming to God with boldness is not acting self righteous. It is not being prideful or arrogant. Actually, coming to God with boldness is simply obeying His word. We are obeying God’s directives to come to Him with boldness. That’s all.

Every little child has no sense of feeling of rejection when he comes to his mother and father. The child comes with full assurance of love and care of his parents. The same thing is true with our Father in Heaven. Our Father in Heaven wants us to come to Him with full of assurance of love and care of our Father.

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