A Prayer Dilemma

1 John 5:14-15, “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.”

The apostle John, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has given the church insights regarding prayer and faith. John said that if you ask anything according to the will of God, He hears you and answers your prayer.

The scripture above applies to all believers, with no exceptions. And if applied correctly, it will come to pass. Even a pagan will benefit from this scripture.

As been discussed before, a spiritually dead man will never comprehend the word of God. Unless the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of his understanding, he remains in darkness and lives in spiritual bunkruptcy.

1 John 5:14-15 is a simple and yet easy to digest statement. It is what it is. There is no other way to interprete what John has said. You have to read this statement through the eyes of faith. And by faith, the Holy Spirit will show you the right things to do especially in the midst of difficult situations in life.

Now, if you are justified by the blood of Jesus, saved by grace, and has been declared righteous, you are expected to live by faith. You have to realize that the Bible repeatedly declares that the just shall live by faith. It means living by faith every moment of your life.

Faith is not a “one time event” that occured on the day you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Faith is a continuous process. You don’t get saved and remain acting like a child of the devil. Through faith you maintain your fellowship with the Lord. In addition, faith has nothing to do with feelings or with the five physical senses either.

Faith is a spiritual force and operates in the spiritual world. It breaks through the physical world. As a matter of fact, everything you see in the physical realm has its roots in the spiritual world. There is a spiritual world out there, and believers need to realize this truth. Don’t be surprised that spiritual laws over rides the physical laws.

While on earth, Jesus operated through spiritual force. Read your Bible and see for yourself how Jesus heals, do miracles, raise people from death, rebuked evil spirits, and ultimately resurrected from the dead. Everything Jesus did on earth is by faith. He lived by faith. As a matter of fact, He is the author and the finisher of your faith.

However, the devil doesn’t want you to live by faith. Some faithless Thomas out there will put a twist or a spin on the scripture (1 John 5:14-15) the moment his prayer or petition never materializes. His faithless guts will push him to the edge to write volumes of books attacking the Apostle John’s insights. He would attempt to exegete and interpret the scripture according to his denominational standpoint, or according to a so called “scholarly” research made by spiritually dead men.

Doubting Thomas would say that it is impossible to know the will of God because of the “sovereignty of God factor.” To put it in simple term, he will discourage you from claiming your healing. For doubting Thomas, it is up to God if He will heal you or not. Thomas calls it the sovereignty of God. If God wants you healed, then He will heal you. But if not, then there’s nothing much you can do. On the other hand, if you receive your healing, then it is His will for you to be healed. Otherwise, it is not His will to heal you.

There is no scriptural foundation anywhere through out the whole counsel of God that supports this claim. It is all based on personal experiences. The most notorious experience of all is when a so called “good church member,” who suffers from sickness and disease, suddenly die or did not receive healing in spite of many prayers. To save their face from embarrassment or from confusion regarding the word of God, they would blatantly say that it is God’s will for him to stay sick or dead for the glory of God. Without fear, they accuse God of committing a merciless act. It is an irresponsible cop out.

If doubting Thomas has no idea why this thing is happening, why not accept the responsibility that he doesn’t know a thing. He doesn’t need to be a “know it all, self –righteous, denominational fanatic” who perverts the word of God.

The dilemma: How do you know that you’re prayer is according to God’s will? And who has the authority on the face of the earth will tell you that you’re prayer is outside of His will?

The Holy Spirit gives a specific instruction in Ephesians 5:17, “Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” God wants us to understand what the will of God. Once you understand the will of God, you will be able to know His will in your life.

Understanding means having a comprehension on how the will of God operates, and why. When you have the understanding of His will, you will be set free from being legalistic in your Christian walk of faith. Remember the statement: the letter kills but the spirit gives life. The same holds true with understanding the will of God. Legalism will paralyze your faith and will choke you to spiritual death. Legalism is a result of lack of understanding of His will.

Furthermore, nobody in his right mind will ask God and pray on a regular basis if it is His will to wear red shirt, drink coffee, have a haircut, or if it is alright to go to work that day, or go to bed early, etc. You don’t have to do that. God has given you the wisdom to make a smart decision that will affect your daily activities. Also, you might want to use a little bit of common sense when in an emergency situation, like calling 9-1-1 (no time for seeking the perfect will of God on this one).

However, there are aspects in life that you need to know if they are according to His will, such as a place to live, church involvement, getting into a full-time ministry, accepting a job offer, dating someone, getting married, etc. The Bible does not give you a specific answer on these issues, but the Holy Spirit will guide you in making a right decision.

Now, how do we understand His will? The answer is in Jesus. Jesus is the will of the Father. He reveals the mind of the Father, His thoughts, His cares, His desires, His plans and purposes. No wonder Jesus spent a considerable time refuting the religious, Jesus magnified the Father’s will against their ignorance and hardness of heart.

One way of knowing His will is to follow Jesus. Follow Him during His ministry or while He was here on earth. Be an eyewitness. Watch closely how Jesus minister and serve the people around Him. Observe how Jesus deals with the sinful, the sick, the possessed, the religious, the disciples, the people’s need, and see how He perform the miracles. Listen to Him teach with authority and with compassion. Feel His love and His burden. Once you have done that, then put yourself in the eyes of Jesus, and let Him touch your needs, let Him pour out the Father’s love in your heart.

Jesus never changed His heart. He never changed His mind helping people. He remains the same forever, and still does what He did while He was on earth. He forgives, heals, cares, loves, performs miracles, prays, and continues to do good things for all. The Holy Spirit will speak to your heart and reveal His perfect will in regard to your situation.

His will in your life is everything that Jesus did while He was here on earth. That is why refuse to listen to the lies of the devil and his cohorts. The devil will appear as an angel of light. He speaks like he cares for you, but his hidden agenda is to steal, kill and destroy you. Be on guard, the devil will use every available church pulpit to deceive many.

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