Nothing Is Impossible If You Believe

“For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 (NLT)
The literal translation of this verse is that nothing is impossible with God, or everything is possible with God. Basically, there is nothing hard for God to do. He works miracles even in becoming pregnant in the midst of extreme impossible circumstances. The verse above gives the account of two women who receive the blessings of God because they believed. First, a woman in spite of her old age became pregnant and had a baby. Second, a virgin woman, absence of sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, also became pregnant and had a baby. How could that happened?

Now the scripture above declares that impossible things can happen because nothing is impossible with God. God can do miracles as many as He wants because He is God. But God cannot do miracles to those who do not want to receive His miracles. The same is true to a person who refuses to be born again. God cannot force somebody to accept Him as His Lord and Savior. Nobody can tell God that God had forced him to believe God. You cannot force somebody to love you, or to like you, or to respect you. You can only bring a horse besides a stream of fresh water but you cannot let it drink the water if it doesn’t want to.

Also, the context of the above verse declares that these two women believe the word of God, and as a result of their beliefs, they received what they had believed for. They made a decision to believe the promise of God by obeying what God had said. They acted according to their volition. God did not violate their choice to believe in order to fulfill the prophecy. God did not suddenly show up and used force on these women to believe so that a prophecy is to be fulfilled. The prophecy became possible because of the “believing factor” of these two women. They willed to believe and they received the promise.

During His earthly ministry, Jesus repeatedly pronounced this statement of faith. In Mark 9:14-23, They brought a demon possessed boy to Jesus to be healed. The father of the boy asked Jesus if Jesus can be able to heal his son. Jesus rebuked the father and said in verse 23, “What do you mean, “If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.” There is no other Biblical interpretation to Jesus’ statement. It is what it is. If you believe, anything is possible to you. Anything means all things, whatever things, etc.

Almost everybody would agree that nothing is impossible with God. However, when faced with difficult situation, people tend to struggle in believing God for the answer. As a matter of fact, believing through your mind is easy. But in actuality, you only agree in your mind or in your thought that God will fulfill His Word; however, believing is not in your mind but in your heart. The Bible teaches that believing in the heart, not in the mind, will make the Word of God manifest in the natural realm. Mind can only imagine, think, wish, and hope for the answer. But believing in the heart means believing beyond you can imagine or think of. In addition, believing in the heart is a spiritual wisdom, a dynamic force that is actively working in the spiritual realm.

Your mind can easily be swayed and lose focus on the promise of God. Your heart or your spirit is able to grasps the spiritual things of God. But your mind cannot understand spiritual things. You see, that is the problem with people who rationalize everything in their lives according to what they can think of. They want everything sensible. If it doesn’t make sense, they ditch it. They have difficulties operating in faith. For example, you cannot by the act of your mind be joyful, or be happy, or to love someone. They are spiritual forces, the issues of life that comes from the heart of man, or the spirit of man. You probably heard this many times, “Follow your heart and not your mind,” or vice versa.

Mary believed every word of God regarding the birth of Christ. She believed that nothing is impossible with God. She believed in her heart that the promise of God shall come to pass. In her situation, common sense dictates that it is impossible to have a virgin birth. It was beyond logic, beyond reason, and the mind would only say that it will never happen considering all the natural laws. But Mary believed God in her heart, and the Word of God came to pass. Christ was born in a virgin birth.

You might say that Mary’s situation was unique and only applies with Mary and no one else. How about the healing of the demon possessed boy? How about the healing of a woman with the issue of blood? How about the healing of the blind man? They received their healings because they believed, and because of their faith. Jesus has declared that nothing is impossible with God to those who believe. “Those who believe” means anybody who can able to believe in his heart, not in his mind. The mind cannot comprehend spiritual things of God.

In Romans 10:9-10, “…believe in your heart….for with the heart one believes…,” and in Mark 11: 23,”…not doubt in his heart, but believes…,” declares that believing is in the heart. The heart is your spirit, your inner man. The Bible teaches you to believe in your heart not in your mind.

Some got offended by the word of God especially when their needs were not met. They accuse the preacher of giving out too much hope, that the preacher sounded it too easy. But the truth is the word of God literally says that there is nothing impossible with God for those who believe. Is there any other way to explain this scripture that if you believe you will receive? On top of that, God is not a man that He could tell lies, and God does not show favoritism either.

Jesus once told a parable regarding the sowing of the word of God in your heart – the parable of the sower. The truth is you don’t just listen to the word of God but obey them. Put the word of God in action, because faith without corresponding action is dead. When the word of God says you were healed, then obey the word that you were healed. People around you might say you are hypocrite because they see in the natural that you are still sick and not healed. You have to make a choice just like the two women who became pregnant in the midst of extreme impossibilities. You make the call for your healing. God has given you His Word and it is all up to you now. God does not show favoritism. You may be a preacher or a bench warmer, but God looks at your heart.

If you are in the midst of an extremely impossible situation, don’t give up because the word of God does not lie. Countless have seen the manifestation of God’s power and His miracles. Jesus said, “Only believe.” Do not listen to those who bring bad news. Listen to the word of faith, the new covenant with God, where Jesus Christ is the guarantor.

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  1. Please check of the quotations (Luke 9:14-23) above…it suppose to be Mark 9:14-23. God bless.

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